October 30, 2017

Jim Rudd: More Than a Warrior

When the late Jim Rudd was called into the Pro-Life ministry, he decided that he needed to do more than just be an out-spoken advocate, or a political lobbyist, or the editor of a high-traffic website. He felt he needed to go out onto the battlefield.

To do so, he chose an abortion clinic that was the closest one in the United States to the White House, actually located on Pennsylvania Avenue in the District.

When Jim arrived on the scene, the ministry in place basically consisted of a few dedicated, nice Catholic ladies who politely tried to hand pro-life pamphlets to the people driving into the parking lot, and who quietly and peacefully prayed their rosaries for the souls of the unborn children whose lives were going to be terminated that day.

And whom were mostly ignored. Ignored because they weren't a problem. They weren't a problem to the women arriving to get abortions and therefore they were not a problem to the clinic. The clinic and the "protestors" had settled into something of a peaceful coexistence.

A Two-Edge Sword

Well, Jim blew up that playbook the first day. Those of you who know him, know that it wasn't his temperament to quietly intercede in prayer as he watched as mothers chose to walk their little unborn babies into the abortion mill.

Jim believed if you wanted to make a choice, you needed to make an informed choice. You needed to understand the full weight and consequences of that choice. You needed to know what the Word of God said about the situation.

It was his temperament to take the Word of God and weld it like a two-edge sword. And that's what he did. Loudly.


Suddenly, the clinic had a problem. They first tried to have Jim arrested but quickly found out that wouldn't work because he wasn't breaking any laws.

Then they called in volunteers to serve as escorts. Jim called them Deathscorts. Their job was twofold. First, to physically escort the women from their cars to the front door of the clinic. Their other job was to counteract Jim Rudd, by making as much noise as possible so that no one could hear what he was saying.

Some of them would get right in Jim's face, cursing him, calling him all sorts of names, and spewing out all manner of vile from their mouths. Close enough to him to spit on him.

Well, the Devil always overplays his hand. It took them a while but they finally figured out that all the chaos and commotion they were causing was running off customers. So they backed off that strategy somewhat.

Ministry Opportunities

Jim saw all of this as an ministry opportunity to share the Truth with the lost, the deceived, the spiritually blind.

So, he preached the Word, not only to the women seeking abortions, but to the clinic employees as they arrived early for work, to the escorts who volunteered to be there, and mostly to the men - the boyfriends who brought their girl friends to kill their unborn children, to the husbands who brought their wives, to the pimps...

He made sure those men know what the Bible said about their responsibilities as a father. He let everyone know what the Word of God said about the shedding of innocent blood. And he made sure that all understood what they were doing was equivalent to allowing their descendants to pass through the fire to Molech. They were sacrificing their children for political and financial favor. Sacrificing children for mere social convenience.

A Word of Knowledge

But Jim, being a believer of the Spirit-filled variety, also found himself saying things that he planned to say, as the Spirit gave utterance. He would receive a word of knowledge and hear words coming out of his mouth that he never dreamed of saying.

As young women - little teenaged girls - would walk up to the clinic with determination, an escort on each side, committed to her decision to terminate the life of her unborn child they would hear Jim say things like, "Does your grandmother know what you are planning to go in there and do?"

And they would stop dead in their tracks. Jim said you could see their countenance change. You could see the conviction of the Holy Spirit fall upon them. And they would turn around, get in their cars, leave that evil place, and go give birth to their children.


That's what Jim called a turn-around. He would call me later and say, "Brother, we saw three turn-arounds today, praise God!"

On one cold or rainy Saturday, Jim was out there by himself. A big town car type vehicle pulled up to the curb and the passenger-side window rolled down. A lady inside the car motioned for Jim to come closer.

Never knowing what to expect out there, he cautiously approached the vehicle. When he got close, the lady inside said:

Pregnant and Terrified

"A few months ago, my daughter came here to get an abortion. And she's a Christian. Loves the Lord. But she was frightened. Terrified. She was too scared to tell me that she was sexually active, much less that she had become pregnant.

"So, she made a decision to sneak up here and get an abortion so that she didn't have to face me with the truth. To cover her shame. To try to hide her sin. When she walked up to the building, you only told her one thing. Or she only heard you say one thing.

"You said, 'Don't you understand that your mama is going to find out the truth?"

Lives Saved

The lady said we came here today because we wanted you to meet our little granddaughter! We wanted you to know that your labor is not in vain. We wanted to thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirt.

We have no idea how many lives Jim Rudd saved. Literally saved. Jim didn't even know. I hope he knows now. Jim was more than a warrior. He was a willing vessel.

Today, I wonder who is going to fill Jim's shoes. Who is going to pick up the mantle. Who is going to tell the next generation the truth?

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