April 30, 2012

Judge Blocks Texas From Cutting Off Planned Parenthood

A federal judge stopped Texas from preventing Planned Parenthood from getting state funds through the Women's Health Program. U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel in Austin ruled there is sufficient evidence that a law banning Planned Parenthood from the program is unconstitutional. He imposed an injunction against enforcing it until he can hear full arguments. The law passed last year by the Republican-controlled Legislature forbids state agencies from providing funds to an organization affiliated with abortion providers. Eight Planned Parenthood clinics that do not provide abortions sued the state. Read more...

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Oklahoma Court Tosses Petition on 'Personhood'

The Oklahoma Supreme Court threw out an initiative petition that would have called for a vote on "personhood" beginning at conception. The ruling cited a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court case -- Planned Parenthood v. Casey -- which centered on Pennsylvania's attempt to challenge Roe v. Wade, which recognized a constitutional right to have an abortion. "The United States Supreme Court has spoken on this issue. The measure is clearly unconstitutional. ... The states are duty bound to follow its interpretation of the law." Read more...

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Minnesota Governor Issues Second Abortion Veto

Gov. Mark Dayton has issued his second veto of an abortion bill in as many weeks. The governor issued an expected veto of a bill that would have required physicians to be physically present every time an abortion pill like RU-486 is prescribed, and again every time such a pill is swallowed. The billís sponsor, Rep. Joyce Peppin, R-Rogers, pitched it as a measure meant to protect womenís health in the event of side-effects from the pill. Read more...

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State Denies License to Reopen Abortion Clinic

Alabama's health department said it had denied a company's application to take over a Birmingham abortion clinic that is now slated for closing over health violations, citing ties between the prospective operator and the current owner. Ochata Management, which sought state approval to run New Woman All Women Health Care, cannot operate the clinic because it is too close to the current operator, said a statement from the Alabama Department of Public Health. Read more...

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Sebelius Unaware of Religious Liberty Cases

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius provided as much evidence as necessary as to why this administration has some incompetents running the show. While testifying before Congress, Sebelius was asked some direct questions about how she "balanced" concerns for religious liberty with the contraceptive mandate that is part of Obamacare. The result proves that her constitutional knowledge wouldn't fill the head of a pin. Does Sebelius know the three different tests applied to the Constitution to determine whether a piece of legislation balances principles? "I'm not a lawyer and I don't pretend to understand the nuances of the constitutional balancing tests," replied Sebelius. Read more...


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