May 27, 2012

Abortion Survivor Urges Mothers to Choose Life

Claire Culwell was faced with challenges even before her birth. At the age of 13 her mother became pregnant and chose to have an abortion. What her mother didn't know at the time is that she was pregnant with twins. Sometime later she returned to an abortion clinic to find out the news, where she was told it was too late to have a second abortion. Placed on life support at birth, Culwell dealt with some difficult health issues -- including dislocated hips and feet turned inward. Despite the challenges, she's grateful to have lived to tell her story. Read more...

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Hundreds of UK Teens Have Had Two Abortions

Pro-life campaigners said young women were being "let down in an appalling way" after it emerged three of the 38,269 teenagers who had a termination in 2010 had undergone the procedure at least seven times. NHS figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show another two teenage girls had their seventh abortion in 2010, the most recent year for which data is available, while four more teenagers had a termination for the sixth time. Read more...

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Support for Abortion Rights Dropping

It appears pro-choice isn't a popular stance these days. A Gallup poll showed only 41 percent of Americans favor abortion rights. That's the lowest number in Gallup poll history. The poll also shows most people think abortion should be legal under certain circumstances. Read more...

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FBI Probes Fires at Women's Clinics in Georgia

The FBI says it is investigating "intentional" fires that erupted this week at two Atlanta-area women's clinics, one of which performs abortions. "FBI-Atlanta is seeking information regarding intentional fires," the agency said in a statement. It said the first of the blazes occurred on Sunday morning after someone broke out the front window of a gynecological office and set a fire inside the building. Read more...

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Website Asks Women to Be Proud of Their Abortions

Since prides itself on being the website "where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded," it's no surprise they are asking women to brag about their experience with abortion. The site is asking women to submit photos of themselves declaring why they support the act of killing one's own child. They want women to end their silence and proclaim to the world that they've had abortions and feel zero guilt about it. Read more...

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May 04, 2012

More Teen Girls Use Best Birth Control

Health officials say more teen girls use the best kinds of birth control. A recent survey found 60 percent of teen girls who have sex use the most effective kinds of contraception. That's up from the mid-90s, when less than half were using the best. Health officials say the trend may help explain a large decline in the U.S. teen birth rate since 1990. Read more...

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Operation Rescue Says It Has Patient Records

The leader of a Kansas anti-abortion group says un-redacted abortion records it received recently aren't the first to be discovered by the confidential informant who provided them. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told The Associated Press that the same man found similar records last summer and turned them over to the state, but it did nothing. Newman says the man two weeks ago gave his group the records of 86 female patients treated in April at a Kansas City, Kan., clinic. He says the man didn't say how he got the records but that he claimed he obtained them legally. Read more...

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Kansas Senate Passes 'Conscience' Bill

A bill that would allow pharmacists to bow out of providing drugs they believe might cause an abortion cleared the state legislature. The Senate voted 23-16 to approve the bill, which is primarily intended to broaden legal protections for health-care providers who don't want to be involved in abortion procedures. Already passed by the House in March, the bill now awaits the signature of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, a staunch opponent of abortion. Read more...


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May 02, 2012

Georgia Gov. Signs 'Fetal Pain' Abortion Bill

Gov. Nathan Deal on Tuesday approved new restrictions on late-term abortions in Georgia, sealing a victory for conservative leaders who championed the issue at the Capitol this year. Deal's signature makes Georgia the latest state to generally ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, cutting by about six weeks the time women in Georgia may have an elective abortion. Read more...

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May 01, 2012

Appeals Judge Stops Planned Parenthood Injunction

A federal appeals judge stepped into the fight over the Texas Women's Health Program on Tuesday, saying he wanted to hear arguments on whether the state should be prevented from enforcing a law that bans Planned Parenthood from participating in the program. Less than 24 hours after a federal judge in Austin ordered Texas not to enforce a rule banning clinics associated with abortion providers from receiving state funds, Fifth Circuit Appeals Judge Jerry Smith granted Texas an emergency stay lifting the Austin court's order. Read more...

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Nurse Accused in Baby Theft Denies Being 'Monster'

A Texas woman accused of kidnapping a newborn boy after fatally shooting his mother says she is not "some sort of monster" and people should not judge her until they know the facts. Verna McClain remains jailed without bond after being charged with fatally shooting 28-year-old Kala Golden-Schuchardt and snatching her 3-day-old son on April 17. The infant was later found safe. Read more...

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Woman Gets 7 Years for Adoption Scam

A Missouri woman will spend 7 years behind bars after admitting to swindling 23 couples in an adoption scam, Fox 4 reports. 35-year-old Roxanne Janel Jones admitted to running a scam where she would pretend to be pregnant, contact adoption agencies and ask to be set up with couples looking to adopt. Jones then would ask the couples to provide her with living expenses such as rent, according to Fox 4. She admitted in a guilty plea that she scammed 23 couples, from Missouri, Minnesota, Georgia, California, Tennessee and Massachusetts. She also admitted to scamming five adoption agencies. Read more...

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