March 19, 2018

Pro-Choice Government Bullies Pro-Life Clinics

Government compels licensed centers to provide free advertisements for government-provided abortions. And government compels unlicensed centers to say — in large fonts, in as many as 13 languages, even on their own websites — that they do not have medical providers that the government itself says, by not requiring them to be licensed, are not necessary for the services they provide. The government’s obvious nasty purpose is to make the unlicensed centers’ clients unnecessarily uneasy. Read more...

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Judge Revokes Pro-Lifers' Free-Speech Rights

Pro-life advocates who entered a Michigan abortion facility in December may no longer protest outside abortion facilities, a Bloomfield Township judge ruled. The judge also sentenced Monica Migliorino Miller of South Lyon, Robert Kovaly of Hastings, Patrice Woodworth of Minnesota, Will Goodman of Wisconsin and Matthew Connolly of Illinois to 12 months of probation for trespassing and interfering with police during the Dec. 2 incident. Read more...

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Argentina's Prez Won't Veto Abortion

The pro-abortion movement in Argentina is gaining ground while the country’s “pro-life” president says he won’t stand in the way of pro-abortion legislation. Abortion is only legal in the Pope’s native country in cases of rape, fetal deformity, or when the mother’s life is in danger. Under current law, women seeking abortions must apply to a judge for permission. But up for a vote in Argentina’s Congress in five days is a proposed bill legalizing abortion on demand through the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Read more...

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March 01, 2018

SC Senate Considers Personhood Bill

A South Carolina senate panel voted in favor of a personhood bill last week, sending the measure to the state Senate on a 15-9 vote. The bill recognizes preborn babies as human beings starting at the moment of fertilization and would confer onto them “the constitutional right to due process of law and equal protection under the law,” as outlined in the South Carolina constitution. If passed, the law would effectively ban abortions in the state of South Carolina. Read more...

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MS Bill Would Ban Abortion After 15 Weeks

A bill to prohibit abortions after 15 weeks is on its way to the Mississippi Senate this week. The Mississippi Senate Public Health Committee passed the legislation, following the state House approval earlier this month, Reuters reports. State House Bill 1510 would create the earliest ban on abortions in any state in the U.S. by pushing back Mississippi’s current limit by five weeks. Read more...

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Priest Calls Pro-Lifers the 'Lunatic Fringe'

A Catholic priest’s letter to politicians on the Isle of Man is drawing sharp criticism for sympathizing with abortion activists and criticizing pro-lifers. Monsignor John Devine, dean of the Roman Catholic Church, Isle of Man, wrote a letter to the chief minister recently about his concerns with a proposal to legalize abortion on the island, according to the Church Militant. Read more...

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