June 27, 2018

High Court Rules for Crisis Pregancy Centers

The Supreme Court ruled California cannot require so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" to provide information about the availability of abortion services elsewhere in the state, a move in favor of anti-abortion clinics that claimed the state law violated their First Amendment rights. The case, brought by two "crisis pregnancy centers," challenged a California law called the "California Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency Act, otherwise known as the FACT Act. The law required the clinics to notify pregnant women seeking services that California provides free or low-cost abortion services and tell the women if staff at the center are licensed healthcare professionals. Read more...

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Abortion Top Issue in South Carolina Race

Two weeks before the primary that decided if he stays in office, Gov. Henry McMaster pointed at a building near downtown Columbia housing what he called "the most extreme, the most destructive organization in this country today." "There are young children, unborn children who are being killed right now as we're standing here just up that hill at Planned Parenthood," McMaster said at a news conference outside a faith-based pregnancy center. "There are young women who are having abortions." Read more...

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June 21, 2018

Poll: Majority Rejects Abortion-on-Demand

According to the most recent survey, as many Americans identify as "pro-life" (48 percent) as "pro-choice" (48 percent). That's a big improvement from the results of Gallup's first poll on the issue back in the mid-1990s, when 56 percent identified themselves as "pro-choice," and only 33 percent claimed to be "pro-life." Even more importantly, more Americans now believe that abortion is morally wrong (48 percent) than believe it's morally acceptable (43 percent). Read more...

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U.S. Pulls Out of Pro-Abortion Council

The United States will be exiting the United Nations Human Rights Council, Ambassador Nikki Haley confirmed, citing the body’s record of failing and neglecting its titular mission. Haley blasted the council, which has promoted abortion and the LGBT agenda, as “a protector of human rights abusers, and a cesspool of political bias,” Fox News reports. Read more...

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Pro-Life Group Sues Ball State U.

The Students for Life chapter at Ball State University filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Indiana-based public institution for refusing funding to their group. The pro-life group had requested that the Student Activity Fee Committee, which is made up of students and administrators, grant $300 for the group's initiative, "Pregnant on Campus." The initiative helps students who are pregnant or parenting by giving them information for organizations that can assist them emotionally and financially, or help them with other material needs. Read more...

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June 16, 2018

Abortionists Attack Texas Laws

The abortion lobby in Texas launched a new legal strategy it hopes will invalidate scores of pro-life laws that have been on the books for years. Attorneys representing the infamous Texas abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health filed a lawsuit against the state’s ultrasound requirement, 24-hour waiting period, licensing standards, requirement that abortions be performed only by doctors rather than clinic staff, and more. Read more...

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Alberta Bans Pro-Life Free Speech

The Alberta legislature passed a bill forbidding pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors from coming within 50 meters of an abortion facility, under penalty of fines or even prison time. The so-called Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act passed by a 45-1 vote, CBC News reports. Members of the Official Opposition United Conservative Party did not participate in the vote. Read more...

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Fight Continues Over Tax-Paid Abortions

Arguments were heard in the Fourth District Appellate Court in Springfield on if House Bill 40 violates the Constitution. HB40 was signed into law in September 2017. It expanded abortion coverage for women insured by Medicaid and the State Employees Group Insurance. Read more...

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