July 24, 2018

Is the Constitution Pro-Life?

A flat-footed, judicial-supremacist reading of Craddock’s argument might suggest that the proper reading of the Constitution would impel the Supreme Court to require, not just allow, laws against abortion. It might be thought, that is, that interpreting the Fourteenth Amendment to cover unborn children means that abortion should be prohibited from the bench. Read more...

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Abortion Key in Pennsylvania Governor's Race

For both supporters and opponents of abortion access, Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election has taken on new importance in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election. With conservative Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh expected to replace retiring swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Court could roll back or overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case legalizing abortion nationwide. If that happened, states would decide what level of access people who can get pregnant have to abortion. Read more...

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Texas Abortion Laws Under Attack

Woman’s Whole Health, a chain of Texas abortion clinics and the plaintiff from the original 2016 case against the State of Texas, filed another lawsuit. This time, Women’s Whole Health is trying to repeal a number of laws that are considered to be standard restrictions on abortions nationwide. Read more...

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