November 21, 2018

2 States Approve Pro-Life Amendments

Pro-life supporters are cheering the results of two out of three abortion issues from the midterm election. Voters in both Alabama and West Virginia approved measures to change their state constitutions to effectively outlaw abortion. Still, the federal law making abortion legal takes precedence over any state laws. However, should Roe v. Wade be overturned, Alabama and West Virginia are now poised to immediately outlaw abortion and preclude women from suing over the ban. Read more...

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Ohio Gov. Kasich 'Should Be Ashamed'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a past and potentially-future Republican presidential candidate who bills himself as "pro-life," has renewed his opposition to pending legislation that would protect almost all pre-born babies in his state. The Ohio House voted 60 to 35 to pass House Bill 258, which bans abortions on any pre-born baby with a detectable heartbeat, except in cases of a "substantial and irreversible" physical threat to the mother. Any physician who violates the statute would face up to a year in prison. Read more...

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Abortion Facility Closures Are on the Rise

Good news for pro-life advocates can be found in a recently released report from an abortion organization claiming that "independent [abortion] clinics are closing at an unprecedented rate." The report was published by Abortion Care Network (ACN), whose stated mission is to "ensure access" to abortion. Since 2013, 148 independent abortion clinics have closed. Read more...

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