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November 21, 2018

Abortion Facility Closures Are on the Rise

Good news for pro-life advocates can be found in a recently released report from an abortion organization claiming that "independent [abortion] clinics are closing at an unprecedented rate." The report was published by Abortion Care Network (ACN), whose stated mission is to "ensure access" to abortion. Since 2013, 148 independent abortion clinics have closed. Read more...

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October 24, 2018

Pro-Life Groups Blast US Mail Abortions

A European organization known as Aid Access has now opened up another front in the abortion battle in the US. The company now offers American women doctor-prescribed abortion pills to induce abortion at home. The organization uses online consultations to determine if women seeking their services are healthy and who are less than nine weeks pregnant. A woman must complete the consultation in order to receive a prescription for the two pills to terminate her unborn baby. Read more...

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September 10, 2018

Kaepernick Funds Radical Pro-Abortion Activism

Colin Kaepernick helps fund radical abortion activism. He directly donated $25,000 to the extreme pro-abortion group, Center for Reproductive Rights. This is the outfit that celebrated the 40thanniversary of Roe v. Wade with a bizarre sexualized tribute to the millions killed by abortion, called “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby”. Read more...

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February 05, 2018

Feminists Mock Pro-Life Laws

Comedian Sarah Silverman and feminists, including Lizz Winstead, recently took part in a pro-choice telethon for Lady Parts Justice League, where anti-abortion laws were acted out in charades and conscience clause laws were mocked. The program included someone dressed as a vulva, abortion charades, an interview with abortionist Willie Parker and speeches. Read more...

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January 11, 2018

Indiana Abortion Clinic Denied License

An abortion business's efforts to open a new facility in South Bend, Indiana stalled recently after state health officials denied it a license. Indiana Right to Life learned about the license denial for the Whole Women's Health Alliance abortion chain through a public records request this week. Late last year, pro-life advocates learned that the Texas-based abortion chain planned to open a new abortion facility in South Bend. Whole Women's Health has a shoddy reputation, including dozens of health and safety violations at its Texas facilities. Read more...

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January 06, 2018

Abortion Prices Up, Wait Times Down

Across America, the amount of time women waited to have an abortion dropped, while the average price of an abortion rose. These trends were documented during an annual survey of abortion facilities conducted by Operation Rescue. The survey took place from November 27-December 15, 2017. Using a number of investigative methods, each abortion facility was directly contacted. Facility personnel voluntarily verified that abortions were available, and shared information on abortion pricing and wait times, although they were not aware the information was going to Operation Rescue. Read more...

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December 30, 2017

Longstanding Iowa Clinic Closes

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Iowa that has performed abortions for nearly two decades has closed after the state diverted taxpayer funds to community health centers that do not perform abortions. Despite the support of wealthy celebrities in the entertainment business, Planned Parenthood facilities have been closing rapidly throughout the country due to financial problems. Read more...

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December 19, 2017

49 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2017

In a year that abortion businesses attempted to expand in America, the actual number of abortion facilities decreased by 27 clinics over 2016 totals. Closures far outpaced newly opened abortion facilities in 2017. In all, 49 abortion facilities — 35 surgical and 14 medication only clinics — closed or halted abortion services. Only eight new surgical abortion facilities were opened, along with eleven new medication abortion facilities. Read more...

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December 11, 2017

Baby Killer Fined $600 for 3 Felonies

The "trunk abortionist" who kept aborted babies and stolen prescriptions in his car and admitted to three counts of larceny got off with only a $600 fine. Michael Arthur Roth has long been on the radar of Operation Rescue, a group that monitors the abortion industry, for his sketchy methods, including committing at-home abortions. Roth has been a defendant in several medical malpractice suits for botched abortions. "It is unfortunate that this man, who committed three felonies, got a mere slap on the wrist," Operation Rescue's Senior Vice President Cheryl Sullenger told reporters. Read more...

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December 07, 2017

Black Pro-Lifers: 'Quit Targeting Our Women'

The African-American community is taking a stand against the abortion industry’s Black Genocide, and one Christian denomination is leading the charge. The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is the largest African-American Christian denomination in the United States. Recognizing that abortion is pervasive and specifically targeting their community, the church stepped up to promote adoption among its churches and educate members about abortion and the pro-life cause. Read more...

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December 04, 2017

Charlotte Clinic Protest Grows

The pro-life group Love Life Charlotte led the prayer walk around A Preferred Women's Health, as it does weekly, but Saturday's walk marked the group's 40th week of marching at the clinic this year — a number they noted because a pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks on average. Read more...

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Ohio Clinic Inspections Increase Under Kasich

Since Republican Gov. John Kasich took office, state health inspectors have reported 17 times as many violations a year in Ohio abortion clinics as during the tenure of his predecessor, Democrat Ted Strickland. A wider range of violations, including "safety and sanitation" and "adverse events," have been found in the almost-seven years that Kasich has served. Read more...

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December 01, 2017

Kentucky's Last Abortion Mill to Close?

Simply put, the clinics cannot keep up with the costs of the ever-increasing standards. Not to mention, according to Rachel K. Jones, principal research scientist at the Guttmacher Institute, doctors willing to provide such services are becoming harder and harder to find. In recent years, the number of facilities has declined: in 1996, 452 clinics were open in the United States. Nine years later, in 2005, surveys revealed that the number had dropped to 381. Fast forward to 2014 and only 272 remained throughout the country. Read more...

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November 16, 2017

Ministerettes 'Bless' Abortion Center

As abortion business Whole Women's Health fights a pro-life law in Texas, area women ministers expressed their support by collectively blessing the pregnancy termination provider. Last week, clergy sang "Alleluia!" as they prayed for the business and its staff. Organizer Kentina Washington-Leapheart of the Religious Institute said the purpose of the media event was to promote the idea that abortion is an acceptable Christian thing to do. "We're trying say (the pro-life) narrative isn't the only narrative related to faith," she explained. Read more...

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Church's Pro-Life Display Vandalized

Volunteers at Faith Bible Church placed about 600 white crosses in the church's lawn earlier this month next to a sign that reads "Pray to end abortion." On Tuesday night, the Rev. Gene Harris, the church's pastor, returned from dinner to find the crosses broken and pulled from the ground, he said. "They were carefully and reverently placed, and it's sad that someone would desecrate the cross of Christ," Harris said. "We're not sure if someone specifically wanted to target the pro-life message or if it was just a random act of vandalism." Read more...

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October 19, 2017

Late-Term Clinic Opens in Bethesda

More than 100 pro-life activists rallied outside an abortion clinic that opened its doors this week in Bethesda, reigniting a seven-year war to drive one of the nation's most notorious late-term abortionists out of Maryland. In an undercover investigation, the pro-life group Operation Rescue discovered the LeRoy Carhart's new Bethesda location. Pro-life activists immediately flocked to the clinic and began drawing up plans to shut it down. Read more...

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October 04, 2017

Carhart's Late-Term Abortion Clinic Closes

A Maryland abortion clinic known for providing late-term abortions is not only closing its doors – it's being sold to a pro-life group. CBN News has been reporting on the Leroy Carhart clinic since it first set up shop seven years ago at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Maryland. Carhart's practice was originally based in Nebraska, but after the state banned late-term abortions past 20 weeks, he relocated. Read more...

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September 05, 2017

Phone Call Exposes Late-Term Lies

A new undercover video is exposing the lie that late-term abortions are medically necessary to save the mother's life. On August 14, Priests for Life released the recording of an undercover call to an abortion facility in New Mexico. The recording reveals that the abortion mill, Southwestern Women's Options, will perform late-term abortions for anyone willing to pay $8,500. Read more...

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August 29, 2017

Princeton Group Raises Money for Baby Killers

Pro-life students are upset that the Princeton University Office of Religious Life co-sponsored a Planned Parenthood rally. Associate Dean of Religious Life Theresa Thames and program assistant Maya Wahrman posted on Facebook earlier this month how they "fully enjoyed co-sponsoring and attending" the pro-abortion Run4AllWomen fundraiser. Associate Dean of the College Khristina Gonzalez organized the event and served as its "ambassador." All proceeds went to the nation's largest and most lucrative abortion business. Read more...

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August 28, 2017

Pro-Life Group Buys Out Late-Term Provider

A Maryland abortion clinic, one of only a few that provides late-term abortions to women in the United States, plans to close its doors and is under contract to be purchased by a pro-life group that has worked for many years to shut it down, according to an official with the coalition that has plans to buy it. If the sale goes through this fall, the new owners of the Germantown clinic will soon be owned by the Maryland Coalition for Life, a grass-roots organization that has staged regular protests at the clinic and, in 2011, opened up a crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot to counsel women against choosing abortion. Read more...

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August 25, 2017

Woman Dies in 4-Day Botched Abortion

Pro-life groups are alleging that the death of a 23-year-old woman during a four-day abortion procedure is being covered up by the clinic and the University of New Mexico. Keisha Marie Atkins died on Feb. 4 at Southwestern Women's Options, a late-term abortion clinic in Albuquerque, an autopsy report by Abortion Free New Mexico has revealed. "A careful review of the autopsy findings indicates that this cause of death is a whitewash meant to blame Atkins' pregnancy for her death instead of what appears to be a mismanaged late-term abortion procedure," Operation Rescue said. Read more...

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August 22, 2017

Planned Parenthood Doesn't Like This 'Choice'

Although Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) claims that they stand for "a woman's right to chose," the organization tweeted last week condemning women's choice to have an "Abortion Reversal." PPFA was referring to a procedure discovered by two pro-life doctors that has reversed the effects of the "abortion pill," RU-486, and saved lives. Read more...

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August 17, 2017

400 Botched Abortions in Just Two Months

The Care Quality Commission in England has found that nearly 400 botched abortions were performed at Marie Stopes run clinics in a two month period during January and February 2017. The CQC also found that over a three month period, 11 women had to be rushed to emergency departments in nearby hospitals following complications that arose during abortion procedures at a number of Marie Stopes clinics. And the report reveals that in some cases consent for carrying out abortions was obtained from women only after the pregnancies had been terminated. Read more...

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'We Euthnize Babies and Deliver Them Dead'

In a new undercover recording, an employee at a late-term abortion facility explains that they "euthanize" pre-born babies and then deliver them "stillborn." A pro-life activist from Abortion-Free New Mexico called Albuquerque's Southwestern Women's Options posing as a woman who is 25 weeks' pregnant. A woman who answered the phone for Albuquerque's Southwestern Women's Options and identified herself as "Sue" explained to a caller from Abortion-Free New Mexico posing as a 25-week pregnant mom, "you actually would be delivering what would be a stillborn here in our office, OK?" Read more...

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August 14, 2017

Whacko Professor Tries to Defend Abortion

Professor Liz Harman argues that early abortion is morally acceptable because some fetuses at that stage are persons while others are not. Whether they are persons, she said, depends on what will happen to them. Watch video...

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Billboard Claims City 'Needs Abortion'

A new billboard near the last abortion facility in Toledo, Ohio claims women "need" to be able to abort their unborn babies. The billboard is sponsored by the radical pro-abortion group NARAL. "Toledo needs abortion care," the billboard proclaims in bold lettering. It adds, "Women deserve harassment-free heathcare," a reference to pro-life advocates who stand outside and counsel women about their unborn babies and the risks of abortion. Read more...

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February 09, 2017

Does Planned Parenthood Have Abortion Quotas?

Planned Parenthood clinics had monthly quotas for abortions or abortion referrals, according to two former clinic workers in a new Live Action investigative video. “I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion; to have it at Planned Parenthood, because it counts towards our goal,” Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood manager at Storm Lake, Iowa, revealed in an interview with the pro-life group Live Action. “We would try to get the appointment scheduled for abortion before they left our clinic.” Read more...

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January 24, 2017

How Gosnell's House of Horrors Made Me Pro-Life

I also know that in a proper, legal abortion, babies are poisoned in their mother's womb by injecting a needle filled with potassium chloride into the baby's heart. Then the baby is suctioned out in pieces. If the baby is bigger, forceps are used to pull it out in pieces—an arm, a leg, the head often torn from the torso. If the head is too big to pull out, the abortionist makes a hole in the base of the skull and the brain is sucked out to collapse the skull so the head can come easily. That's how it's done when it's done well. Read more...

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Planned Parenthood: 'We Don't Offer Prenatal Care'

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is on record stating her business is essential to American women because of the prenatal care it offers. She is emphasizing that point as a move develops in Congress to withhold the half-a-billion taxpayer dollars that each year goes to the abortion-industry behemoth. The funding must continue, Richards said, because prenatal care is among "the kinds of services that folks depend on Planned Parenthood for." The problem? Planned Parenthood "offers abortions, so they don't offer prenatal care," according to a Tempe, Arizona, spokeswoman for the business. That's right. The service Planned Parenthood says is so important, it doesn't provide. Read more...

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January 17, 2017

Britain Baby Killer Cathy Warwick to Retire

Cathy Warwick, the chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), will step down from the role and retire at the end of August 2017, it has been announced. Prof Warwick is also Chairman of Trustees for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), and came under fire when she signed the RCM up to their "We Trust Women Campaign", which advocates for full decriminalisation of abortion on demand up to birth. This means that the RCM, which is Britain's biggest maternity union -representing nearly 30,000 midwives and health workers – is calling for women to be allowed to terminate an unborn child at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason, with no criminal sanctions. Read more...

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January 07, 2017

House Report Details Planned Parenthood Evils

House speaker Paul Ryan announced that, as part of the Republican Congress's effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the majority party will also aim to defund Planned Parenthood. But this latest news about the defunding effort comes just one day after the House Select Panel on Infant Lives released its final report, revealing in damning detail the immense amount of illegal activity Planned Parenthood carried out in order to profit further from its abortion business and the remains of aborted children. Read more...

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Pro-Death Chefs Support Planned Parenthood

Twenty-one female-owned Portland restaurants, bakeries and cafes will join forces in support of Planned Parenthood ahead of Donald Trump's upcoming presidential inauguration. Their weapons of choice? Cookies. Together, the 21 businesses will collaborate on a box of homemade cookies -- in a pink box no less -- with all proceeds donated to the reproductive health non-profit on Jan. 20. Boxes of cookies are $50 and Cookie Grab hopes to donate $25,000 "in support of women, children and reproductive rights." Read more...

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August 14, 2015

The Racist Views of Planned Parenthood’s Founder

In 1921, Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which in 1942 underwent a name change to become Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Many of the group’s founding directors were actively involved in the “eugenics” movement, which held that certain classes or colors of people were “lesser” and “unfit” for humanity and shockingly should be eliminated. Included in these targeted “unfit” groups were black Americans (another group included was people with disabilities). Read more...

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Abortion Clinic Shuts Down

A Southern California abortion clinic that had long been the site of pro-life outreaches has unexpectedly closed. The North County Women’s Medical Clinic, located in the North San Diego County community of San Marcos, was owned and operated by abortionist George Kung. Its website was quietly replaced with a message noting the closure. Read more...

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January 01, 2014

327,166 Abortions Performed in 2012

A newly-released report by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America shows that the organization performed over 300,000 abortions in 2012–the latest figures on record. According to the report, 327,166 abortions were performed during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, down from 333,964 in 2011. The decrease of 6,800 abortions tallies to a two percent drop from the previous year, but prenatal care services also dropped 31.9 percent, a significant decline in care for pregnant mothers. Read more...

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January 15, 2013

Mississippi Clinic Can't Comply With Law

Mississippi's only abortion clinic missed a deadline to comply with a 2012 state law that requires each of its physicians to get hospital admitting privileges — a law the governor said he signed with the hopes of shutting the clinic down. The state Health Department won't immediately close the clinic, Jackson Women's Health Organization. The department will set an inspection later, and if it orders a shutdown, the clinic can appeal. Clinic administrator Diane Derzis said every Jackson-area hospital where the clinic applied for privileges said no. Read more...

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May 27, 2012

Hundreds of UK Teens Have Had Two Abortions

Pro-life campaigners said young women were being "let down in an appalling way" after it emerged three of the 38,269 teenagers who had a termination in 2010 had undergone the procedure at least seven times. NHS figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show another two teenage girls had their seventh abortion in 2010, the most recent year for which data is available, while four more teenagers had a termination for the sixth time. Read more...

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Website Asks Women to Be Proud of Their Abortions

Since prides itself on being the website "where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded," it's no surprise they are asking women to brag about their experience with abortion. The site is asking women to submit photos of themselves declaring why they support the act of killing one's own child. They want women to end their silence and proclaim to the world that they've had abortions and feel zero guilt about it. Read more...

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March 29, 2012

Group Offers $25,000 Rewards to Abortion 'Whistleblowers'

A well-known pro-life group is trying to get abortion clinic workers to turn on their employers, offering $25,000 checks to "whistleblowers" who come forward with evidence of criminal activity. Kansas-based Operation Rescue is flooding the mailboxes of abortion practices around the country, hoping a generous cash offer will compel employees to report crimes at their clinic – ranging from botched operations and sex abuse to billing fraud and tax evasion. Read more...

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March 05, 2012

Doc Wants to Replace Tiller the Killer

Dr. Mila Means, a 55-year-old solo family practitioner with neon red hair and neo-hippie style, doesn't remember how or when she heard thatDr. George Tillerhad been gunned down in his church. She knew him only slightly as their paths crossed in medical circles. Mostly, she knew of him — as the lone abortion provider in a city of nearly 400,000, as a symbol of the country's abortion wars. Read more...

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Abortion 'Patients' Unhappy With Texas Law

Women seeking abortions at Whole Woman’s Health in south Fort Worth often arrive upset or angry about Texas’ new sonogram law, which began being fully enforced three weeks ago, a health center official says. Some are unhappy about the requirement that a physician must describe the fetus during a sonogram. But it’s the hardship of having to schedule two appointments — one for the sonogram and another for the surgery at least 24 hours later — that draws the most consistent ire. Read more...

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February 23, 2012

Loss of License Ordered in Abortion-Referrals Case

A state administrative judge has ordered the revocation of a Kansas doctor's license over her referrals of young patients to the late Dr. George Tiller for late-term abortions, concluding their care was "seriously jeopardized" by inadequate mental health examinations. In an order that became public Tuesday, the judge said Dr. Ann Kristen Neuhaus failed to meet accepted standards of care in performing exams on 11 patients, ages 10 to 18, who had late-term abortions at Tiller's clinic in Wichita from July to November 2003. Read more...

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February 21, 2012

Judge Says Ordering of Abortion Was Justified

A family court judge who ruled that a pregnant woman with schizophrenia should undergo an abortion and be sterilized sharply defended her decision yesterday, while denouncing Boston University for withdrawing what she said was a job offer amid the controversy. In a rare personal defense of the reasoning behind a court ruling, Christina Harms, who retired from the bench last month after 23 years, said she concluded that the woman, a 31-year-old who suffered from delusions, would choose to terminate her pregnancy if she were mentally competent, chiefly so that she could resume antipsychotic medication that would have harmed the fetus. Read more...

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February 16, 2012

Planned Parenthood, Komen United in Montana

The CEOs of Planned Parenthood of Montana and Komen Montana delivered a united message: They are working together to provide critical preventive health care for all Montanans. "We're really sisters in the fight against breast cancer," said Stacy James, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Montana. "We've never had a bad experience with them. We are united." The message comes after a firestorm that put both organizations into the national spotlight last week. Read more...

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February 08, 2012

College Sells Abortion Pill in Vending Machines

Students at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania can get the "morning-after" pill by sliding $25 into a vending machine, an idea that has drawn the attention of federal regulators and raised questions about how accessible emergency contraception should be. The student health center at Shippensburg, a secluded public institution of 8,300 students tucked between mountain ridges in the Cumberland Valley, provides the Plan B One Step emergency contraceptive in the vending machine along with condoms, decongestants and pregnancy tests. Read more...

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February 07, 2012

Abortionist Quits Doing Abortions in Alabama

Just two weeks after two women were injured in botched abortions at the New Woman All Women abortion facility in Birmingham, Alabama, a Georgia abortion practitioner with financial ties to the center quit doing abortions there. Abortion practitioner Ivan Diamond has stopped doing abortions in Birmingham under pressure from pro-life advocates, according to Fr. Terry Gensemer, director of CEC for Life, who met with a representative of Diamond's employer in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more...

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February 02, 2012

Planned Parenthood Raises a Quick $400K

The Planned Parenthood abortion business claims it has raised $400,000 since Komen for the Cure made its decision to cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from the abortion giant due to a change in grant-making policies. The abortion business said that it received more than $400,000 from 6,000 donors in the 24 hours following the news that Komen had made the decision last month to end Planned Parenthood funding. Read more...

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February 01, 2012

New Planned Parenthood Center Opens

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland's new Lincoln health center has been opened for patients. The 18,000-square-foot health center, which consolidates the two existing health centers, is at 5631 S. 48th St., Suite 100. Catholic seminarians and lay people were out Tuesday protesting abortions performed at the site and keeping a vigil in front of the new location, as they did at the former South Street location. At 1 p.m., about 25 people stood or kneeled a distance away from the front entrance, between the sidewalk and street, reciting the rosary. Read more...

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January 27, 2012

Planned Parenthood Purchases New $35M HQ

The nation's biggest abortion business has purchased part of a building in New York City that will become its national headquarters. New city records reveal Planned Parenthood purchased a commercial condo unit at 424 West 33rd Street for $34.8 million. Planned Parenthood originally signed a 20-year lease for 104,000 square feet of the 200,000-square-foot former industrial building that was converted into an office and condo building in 2002. The building had rented at about $35 per square foot until the abortion business purchased the commercial condo from Vectra Management Group, a real estate firm that had owned the building since 2000. Read more...

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