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February 08, 2019

'Silence From Congressional Democrats Is Shameful'

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) have announced the re-introduction of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The legislation was created to ensure any infant who survives an abortion attempt receives the same protection of law as any other newborn baby. The bill enforces care for the infants and institutes penalties for doctors who allow infants to die or who intentionally kill a newborn. Read more...

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January 25, 2019

New York Law: 'No Different Than Infanticide'

Pro-life leaders and commentators are responding with disgust, sorrow, and resolve to the New York legislature's votes to enshrine a "fundamental right" to abortion in state law and strip protections from preborn babies until birth. The state Senate voted 38-24 and the state Assembly 92-47 in favor of the so-called "Reproductive Health Act," a bill that has repeatedly cleared the Assembly in years past but been blocked by the formerly-Republican Senate. Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed the bill, called it a "historic victory for New Yorkers and our progressive values" and ordered the One World Trade Center spire to be lit in pink to mark the occasion. Read more...

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New York State 'Celebrates' Death

Woe to us because even if New York hadn't passed the Reproductive Health Act, babies are still being killed. Woe to us because even as we post on the horrendous nature of this law—which we should—we have not yet oriented our lives such that our theology of pro-life compels us to greater involvement—speaking up for the unborn, valuing and promoting adoption, caring for children and their often-unwed mothers. Read more...

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New Ohio Governor Will Sign 'Heartbeat' Bill

As an Iowa judge strikes down a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, Ohio's new governor shares that he will "absolutely" sign a similar bill into effect in his state. Governor Mike DeWine, who recently made headlines for being sworn into office with his hand laying atop nine family Bibles, announced that he would "absolutely" sign the "heartbeat bill" into effect. Read more...

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December 26, 2018

Ohio Bans Dismemberment Abortions

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed into law a measure that bans dismemberment abortions in the state. The common second trimester abortion procedure – also known as dilation and evacuation (D&E) – involves dilating the mother's cervix and then removing the baby's limbs using surgical instruments prior to extracting his or her remains from the uterus. Abortionists who perform dismemberment abortions in defiance of the law could face fourth-degree felony charges, including a jail sentence and fines. Read more...

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December 19, 2018

Turning California Universities Into Abortion Factories

The bill would require, on and after January 1, 2023, each student health care services clinic on a California State University or University of California campus to offer abortion by medication techniques, as specified," the law reads. "It is the intent of the Legislature that public university student health centers make abortion by medication techniques as accessible and cost-effective for students as possible, and thus public university student health centers should treat abortion by medication techniques as a basic health service. Read more...

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Democrats Target New Mexico's Abortion Law

New Mexico would repeal its anti-abortion law — one of just nine of its kind in the country — under legislation Democratic lawmakers plan to pursue in the 2019 session. The state's criminal abortion law has been on the books for 50 years, but it's unenforceable now because of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade. Read more...

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November 21, 2018

2 States Approve Pro-Life Amendments

Pro-life supporters are cheering the results of two out of three abortion issues from the midterm election. Voters in both Alabama and West Virginia approved measures to change their state constitutions to effectively outlaw abortion. Still, the federal law making abortion legal takes precedence over any state laws. However, should Roe v. Wade be overturned, Alabama and West Virginia are now poised to immediately outlaw abortion and preclude women from suing over the ban. Read more...

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Ohio Gov. Kasich 'Should Be Ashamed'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a past and potentially-future Republican presidential candidate who bills himself as "pro-life," has renewed his opposition to pending legislation that would protect almost all pre-born babies in his state. The Ohio House voted 60 to 35 to pass House Bill 258, which bans abortions on any pre-born baby with a detectable heartbeat, except in cases of a "substantial and irreversible" physical threat to the mother. Any physician who violates the statute would face up to a year in prison. Read more...

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October 17, 2018

Alabama Eyeing Constitutional Amendment on Abortion

Alabama voters will decide whether to add anti-abortion language into the state constitution that would have the state recognize the "rights of unborn children" — language that could restrict abortion if the Supreme Court ever gives states more power to curtail access. The language does not limit access to abortion as long as Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that established a right to abortion, remains in place, but would become the state's top legal guidance if Roe is altered or overturned. Read more...

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September 19, 2018

Court Blocks Abortion-Funding Lawsuit

An Illinois appellate court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed to stop a law that'll expand Medicaid and state-employee group health insurance to cover abortions. A three-judge panel of the Fourth District Appellate Court ruled unanimously that a Sangamon County judge correctly dismissed the lawsuit filed by anti-abortion groups. The judge ruled in January that courts shouldn't intervene in General Assembly "political questions." Read more...

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September 10, 2018

NY Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Under Attack

The Big Apple and state of New York have been targeting pro-life pregnancy centers with laws that – for the most part – have been declared unconstitutional, but that has not slowed down the assault. The latest assault is a bill proposed by Assemblyman Deborah Glick. The bill – if passed – would require information for a database to find ways to further cripple the centers. Read more...

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August 21, 2018

Argentina Rejects Abortion Legalization

After the recent fall of Catholic Ireland to the abortion regime, pro-abortion forces appeared confident that they could gain another victory for their ideology – this time Catholic Argentina. Instead, after a bill was introduced to legalize abortion-on-demand up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, millions of ordinary pro-life Argentineans took to the streets in peaceful protests, demanding that their legislators stand for life. Read more...

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June 16, 2018

Alberta Bans Pro-Life Free Speech

The Alberta legislature passed a bill forbidding pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors from coming within 50 meters of an abortion facility, under penalty of fines or even prison time. The so-called Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act passed by a 45-1 vote, CBC News reports. Members of the Official Opposition United Conservative Party did not participate in the vote. Read more...

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May 30, 2018

Louisiana's Governor Signs Restrictive Abortion Ban

Louisiana's Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards on Wednesday signed a bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks. The law will only take effect if a similar law in Mississippi is upheld by a federal court in its ongoing legal battle. The Louisiana measure would impose a prison sentence of up to two years for someone who performs an abortion after 15 weeks. Read more...

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May 16, 2018

Louisiana House Passes 15-Week Bill

The Louisiana House strongly supported a bill Tuesday that would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Louisiana is the second state to attempt to prohibit abortions after 15 weeks. Mississippi passed a similar law in March, but a judge blocked it after the last abortion facility in the state sued. Read more...

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May 05, 2018

Iowa Passes 'Fetal Heartbeat' Abortion Ban

Iowa’s Republican-controlled legislature passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the United States, outlawing the procedure after a fetal heartbeat is detected, often at six weeks and before a woman realizes she is pregnant. The legislation is aimed at triggering a challenge to Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 landmark decision which established that women have a constitutional right to an abortion, activists on both sides of the issue said. Read more...

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Minnesota Senate Passes 'Ultrasound' Bill

Mainstream pro-life legislation to ensure women’s right to view their ultrasound was approved by the Minnesota Senate today. The informed consent measure has the strong support of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), the state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization. S.F. 2849, authored by Sen. Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake, would simply allow women to view their ultrasound prior to an abortion, if an ultrasound is performed. The legislation would require the physician or person performing the procedure to offer the woman the opportunity to view her ultrasound as it is being done. Read more...

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April 28, 2018

Louisiana Senate Passes 15-Week Bill

The Louisiana Senate strongly supported a bill Tuesday that would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. State Senate Bill 181 passed in a 31-3 vote, and now moves to the state House for consideration. More than 200 unborn babies could be saved from abortion every year if the bill becomes law. Data from the state Department of Health indicates about 200 unborn babies were aborted after 15 weeks of pregnancy in 2017 in Louisiana. Read more...

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Tennessee Plans 'Monument to Unborn Children'

Tennessee is moving ahead with plans to construct a monument that will honor the lives of unborn children who were victims of abortion. "The taking of the life of a baby in the womb is related to this brand of inhumanity," state Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville) said. The Tennessee Senate passed a bill earlier this week to develop and implement a plan for the commissioning of the memorial. Read more...

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April 05, 2018

Wisconsin Ends Abortion Coverage for Employees

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that ended abortion coverage for state employees. This bill, which Republicans exclusively passed in February, prohibits state employees who receive government-provided health care from getting abortions paid for, except in cases of rape and preservation of the mother’s life. Pro-Life Wisconsin state director Dan Miller said in a statement that the group is “grateful” to Walker for signing the bill because it shows respect for those taxpayers who oppose public funding of abortion. Read more...

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Alberta Bill Would Ban Pro-Life Protests

Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman has announced that lawmakers will soon introduce legislation imposing “buffer zones” around abortion facilities, to prevent pro-life volunteers from attempting to change women’s minds. Bill 9, which is titled the “Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act,” may be tabled by Thursday, the Edmonton Journal reports. Deputy house leader Kathleen Ganley also confirmed plans to pursue the measure. Critics say the bill is yet another strong-armed measure of the province's NDP government that attacks the rights of law-abiding citizens. Read more...

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March 28, 2018

Missouri House Approves 20-Week Bill

Missouri is one step closer to protecting pain-capable unborn babies after the House moved forward with a bill to ban abortions at 20 weeks. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.B. 1266) received House lawmakers' initial approval Monday, Missourinet reports. The bill prohibits abortions after 20 weeks except when there is a risk to the mother's life or loss of a major bodily function. The state House must vote again before the bill can move to the state Senate. Read more...

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March 19, 2018

Argentina's Prez Won't Veto Abortion

The pro-abortion movement in Argentina is gaining ground while the country’s “pro-life” president says he won’t stand in the way of pro-abortion legislation. Abortion is only legal in the Pope’s native country in cases of rape, fetal deformity, or when the mother’s life is in danger. Under current law, women seeking abortions must apply to a judge for permission. But up for a vote in Argentina’s Congress in five days is a proposed bill legalizing abortion on demand through the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Read more...

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March 01, 2018

SC Senate Considers Personhood Bill

A South Carolina senate panel voted in favor of a personhood bill last week, sending the measure to the state Senate on a 15-9 vote. The bill recognizes preborn babies as human beings starting at the moment of fertilization and would confer onto them “the constitutional right to due process of law and equal protection under the law,” as outlined in the South Carolina constitution. If passed, the law would effectively ban abortions in the state of South Carolina. Read more...

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MS Bill Would Ban Abortion After 15 Weeks

A bill to prohibit abortions after 15 weeks is on its way to the Mississippi Senate this week. The Mississippi Senate Public Health Committee passed the legislation, following the state House approval earlier this month, Reuters reports. State House Bill 1510 would create the earliest ban on abortions in any state in the U.S. by pushing back Mississippi’s current limit by five weeks. Read more...

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February 23, 2018

Several States Seeking New Abortion Laws

The pro-life movement appears poised to continue seeing success at the state level as legislatures in at least nine states are considering enacting new laws to regulate and restrict abortion. The flurry of legislative activity follows a year where 19 states adopted 63 new restrictions on abortion, the largest number of new anti-abortion laws in a year since 2013, according to the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion research firm with historical ties to Planned Parenthood. Read more...

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February 05, 2018

Mississippi Bill Bans Abortions After 15 Weeks

The Mississippi state House today approved a bill to protect unborn babies and moms from abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. State House Bill 1510 would create the earliest ban on abortion in any state in the U.S. by pushing back Mississippi’s current limit by 5 weeks. The bill would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks except when there are risks to the life or physical health of the mother, or fatal fetal anomalies. State records show about 200 abortions a year are performed on babies who are between 15 and 20 weeks old at the time they are killed in the abortion. Read more...

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January 16, 2018

Two Abortion Bills Loom in Congress

Pro-life groups and members of Congress are divided over whether on the day of the March for Life, the U.S. House should vote on a bill that would ban nearly all abortions, or instead a bill to ban infanticide after botched abortions. The Heartbeat Protection Act would make it illegal to abort babies whose heartbeats can be detected. “It’s the most protective incremental bill in existence,” said one of its organizers, Janet Porter of Faith2Action. Read more...

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January 11, 2018

Nebraska Blocks Federal Abortion Funding

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts' new state budget proposal would block federal funds from going to health clinics that provide abortion services. Ricketts said that the move makes sense because of the values of Nebraska voters. The governor's proposal takes advantage of a newly relaxed policy from Congress last year that gives states more leeway in determining the distribution of Title X funds, which are federal funds earmarked for providing family planning and related health services such as contraception. Read more...

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December 19, 2017

Obamacare and Tax-Funded Abortions

Pro-life activists are mobilizing against an emerging congressional compromise on Obamacare insurance subsidies that they contend could allow hundreds of thousands of taxpayer-funded abortions. At issue is a program under the Affordable Care Act meant to help customers with incomes below 250 percent of the poverty line pay deductibles and other out-of-pocket health care expenses. It has been in legal limbo since a federal judge ruled last year that Congress never authorized the so-called cost-sharing reduction payments. Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) have been working on legislation to codify those payments. Read more...

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December 11, 2017

Hartford Ordinance Attacks CPCs

A proposed new city ordinance would require crisis pregnancy centers, which are known as CPCs, to disclose the medical credentials of their staff. The ordinance, which is on the council's agenda for Monday night, also would prohibit false or misleading advertising. Allegations raised by Hartford GYN staff — which prompted Hartford's mayor last month to propose an ordinance cracking down on crisis pregnancy centers — portray the center as "willfully deceptive, masquerading as a reproductive health clinic while dispensing mostly faith-based, non-medical advice." Read more...

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November 29, 2017

'Choose Life' Nebraska License Plate Unveiled

Nebraska’s new “Choose Life” license plate design, which generated controversy in the last state legislative session, was unveiled Monday in Omaha. Starting Jan. 1, the specialty plate will be made available for an extra $5 as an alternative to the state’s standard license plate. Some money from plate sales will go to a federal program for the poor: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Read more...

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November 12, 2017

Bill Would Protect Pro-Life Nurses

Pro-life members of Congress have introduced legislation to protect health care providers from being compelled to provide abortions under threat of losing their jobs. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., held a press conference on the House Triangle outside the U.S. Capitol to promote the Conscience Protection Act. The bill is designed to "end discrimination against people, [insurance] plans and providers for choosing not to be involved in abortion," according to a statement from Smith. Read more...

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Ohio Bill Would Block Down Syndrome Abortions

Ohio's GOP-controlled House passed a bill to ban abortions after a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. The proposal, which passed 63-30, would penalize doctors who perform those types of abortions. American women choose to terminate pregnancies 50% to 85% of the time after a Down syndrome diagnosis, according to a study published in 2012 in the medical journal Prenatal Diagnosis. Read more...

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November 07, 2017

U.S. House Considers 'Heartbeat Protection Act'

A House committee considered a bill that would make it illegal for doctors to perform abortions after a heartbeat is detected. The "Heartbeat Protection Act," authored by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), would make it a crime for a doctor to perform an abortion if the fetus has a "detectable" heart beat. King acknowledged that such a bill, if signed into law, would face legal challenges, possibly going all the way to the Supreme Court. Read more...

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October 04, 2017

House Passes Late-Term Abortion Ban

The House of Representatives approved a pro-life bill that bans abortions from after 20-weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth. The vote for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act broke down on mostly partisan lines with Republicans supporting the ban on late-term abortions and Democrats opposing it. The House approved the bill on a 237-189 vote. Should the Senate approve the bill, President Donald Trump would sign the pro-life bill into law. Read more...

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September 28, 2017

Late-Term Ban a 'High Priority'

A bill proposing to ban late-term abortions is a "high priority" for President Donald Trump, according to one pro-life leader who met with him recently. It's a bill she's hoping the media will cover. On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) held a press conference with pro-life leaders and politicians to announce an Oct. 3 vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in the U.S. House of Representatives. Read more...

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September 21, 2017

EU Moves to 'Criminalise' Pro-Life Views

The European Parliament has been accused of trying to "criminalise" pro-life views after passing a report which describes reducing access to abortion as "violence against women and girls". The MEPs who authored the document denied the paper was an attack on "Christian values" or promoting a "liberal agenda", but appeared to conflate a rise in violence against women with the election of President Trump in the U.S. Read more...

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September 13, 2017

California Nixes Pro-Abortion License Plates

A bill authorizing the California government to create pro-abortion license plates to benefit the abortion industry died in committee this month. The California Pro-Life Council celebrated the victory over the weekend after working hard to stop the pro-abortion bill. Brian Johnston, executive director of the pro-life group, said the bill would have sent more taxpayer dollars to the abortion industry, which already receives huge amounts of money from the government. Read more...

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September 07, 2017

Congress Fails to Defund Planned Parenthood

Pro-life leaders wrote a letter to members of Congress on Tuesday, rebuking them for not keeping their campaign promises and imploring them to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all. Six leading women and four influential men among the nation's top pro-life activists reminded legislators that America gave them their positions in part because they promised to defund the nation's largest and most lucrative abortion conglomerate. Read more...

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Ireland's 8th Amendment Saved 100,000 Lives

September 7 marks the 34th anniversary of the passage of the 8th Amendment. Pro Life Campaign spokesperson, Cora Sherlock said it's an opportunity to "celebrate the lives saved by the Amendment." She said: "The number of people alive today thanks to the 8th Amendment is something that receives far too little attention. According to an independently produced actuarial report last year, there are, at a conservative estimate, 100,000 people alive today in Ireland as a direct result of the 8th Amendment. That's an amazing thing that deserves to be front and centre in the current debate on abortion. Read more...

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September 01, 2017

Canadian Pro-Life Attack Backfires

An attempt by abortion activists and Justin Trudeau's Liberal government to stop their pro-life work backfired, a leading Canadian pro-life activist group says. The Liberal government cut summer job grant funding to several pro-life groups in May, including the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform."But essentially we just trusted if we were frank about what we needed, our donors would come though, and Canadians pro-lifers who recognize the value of our work would come and help us and they did," Jonathon Van Maren said. Read more...

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August 28, 2017

SC Blocks Tax Funds to Abortion Clinics

South Carolina has become the latest state in the Union to block taxpayer dollars from being paid to abortion providers. The office of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, R, released a press statement announcing a new executive order blocking state funds from being paid to abortion clinics. The executive order directs state agencies to stop providing public funds in any form to any doctor or medical practice affiliated with an abortion clinic or operating at the same location as an abortion clinic. Read more...

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August 18, 2017

Oregon Gov. Signs 'Free Abortions For All' Bill

Oregon has adopted a law that would force all Oregon insurers to cover abortions, whatever the reason, at no cost to patients. House Bill 3391-B compels insurers, public or private, to provide a whole swathe of "reproductive services" free of cost and regardless of income, insurance type, citizenship status, or gender identity. Because the bill prohibits insurers from shifting costs to customers in the form of higher deductibles or co-pays, private insurers will be forced to eat the costs — or, more likely, to distribute them among their customers through higher premiums. Read more...

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August 16, 2017

Texas Law Blocks Insurance-Paid Abortions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill to restrict state funding for abortion insurance. The new law will keep Texans from having to pay for elective abortions through their insurance plans. "As a firm believer in Texas values I am proud to sign legislation that ensures no Texan is ever required to pay for a procedure that ends the life of an unborn child," Gov. Abbott said. "This bill prohibits insurance providers from forcing Texas policy holders to subsidize elective abortions. I am grateful to the Texas legislature for getting this bill to my desk, and working to protect innocent life this special session." Read more...

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August 15, 2017

Texas Abortion Insurance Bill Nears Approval

Texas women are on the verge of having to buy additional insurance to cover abortions if they want it under a bill that will likely land on the governor's desk early next week, dealing a win to conservative Republicans. The Senate passed the bill on a 20-10 vote Saturday evening, leaving it one perfunctory vote away from heading to Gov. Greg Abbott, who is expected to sign the legislation. Read more...

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February 19, 2017

French Law Targets All Pro-Life Websites

The French National Assembly has adopted legislation to make what it calls “spreading misleading information” about abortion punishable with up to a two-year prison sentence and a fine. The law specifically targets “electronic” and “online” means of spreading information with the intention of dissuading women from ending their pregnancy, but its wording is not restrictive. By and large, any person or group aiming to call public attention to the dangers and risks of abortion will be potentially at risk of prosecution. Read more...

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February 09, 2017

Pregnancy Centers May Be Forced to Promote Abortion

House Bill 663 and its companion Senate Bill 501 are making their way through the state legislature, with the House Committee on Health voting 4-3 on Tuesday to recommend passage of the bill with amendments. According to section 321-A of the House version, a "limited service pregnancy center" will have to provide to its clientele the following written notice: "Hawaii has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services including all FDA-approved methods of contraception, prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the appropriate Med-QUEST division eligibility office." Read more...

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January 24, 2017

Arkansas House Favors Limiting Abortion

A day after thousands gathered for an abortion protest at the state Capitol, House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to restrict a procedure used to end hundreds of pregnancies a year in Arkansas. There was no debate on the floor after state Rep. Andy Mayberry, R-Hensley, presented House Bill 1032 to restrict dilation and evacuation abortions, and the legislation was passed 78-10. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. The procedure that would be banned by the bill is the most commonly used method of abortion for women in their second trimester, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. Read more...

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January 17, 2017

'Heartbeat' Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress

Iowa Rep. Steve King introduced a bill to prohibit abortions when a pre-born baby's heartbeat can be detected. Pre-born babies' hearts begin to beat as early as 21 days after fertilization. The Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. 490) mandates that abortionists check for a fetal heartbeat before committing abortions. They may not commit an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected. The only exception to this law would be if a mother's life was in danger. The bill specifies that this does not include "psychological or emotional conditions." Read more...

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January 10, 2017

Texas Bill Would Ban Dismemberment Abortions

It's touted as the "top priority" bill for one group of abortion opponents in Texas ahead of the Legislative Session that officially gets underway this week in Austin. "The dismemberment abortion itself its the type of procedure that takes the life of the child by removing its limbs" John Seago with Texas Right to Life said. He's confident there will be widespread agreement on the procedure once people know what it is. Read more...

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January 07, 2017

Kentucky Pro-Life Legislation Advances

The House approved a bill that would impose new ultrasound requirements that must be met before women get an abortion, and the Senate passed legislation that would prohibit abortion after women reach the 20th week of their pregnancies. Those bills are now being considered by the other chamber and could be fully approved Saturday and sent to Gov. Matt Bevin, who could sign them into law. Read more...

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January 06, 2017

McAuliffe Will Veto Virgina 20-Week Abortion Ban

Virginia's Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, has promised that he will veto a piece of legislation attempting to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. McAuliffe argues that the bill would hurt the state's image because abortion is a "socially divisive" topic. The bill has not yet passed the Virginia legislature, only recently being proposed by a Republican delegate in the state's General Assembly. Measures such as this have passed across the country, most recently in Ohio. And the U.S. House of Representatives passed a similar measure last year, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bill, like the others, is based on scientific findings that unborn children can feel pain at 20 weeks. Read more...

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August 24, 2015

Iowa Lawmakers Want Abortion Investigation

The recent controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood has some Iowa lawmakers asking the state attorney general to investigate Iowa abortion providers. A letter signed by more than 40 Republican lawmakers in both the Iowa House and Senate was delivered to Attorney General Tom Miller on Monday. That letter includes detailed questions asking Miller to determine how abortion providers dispose of tissue and if any aborted fetal organs are sold or donated. Read more...

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TN Senators Call for 'Emergency Rules' on Abortion

Five Republican state senators are calling on Gov. Bill Haslam to enact "emergency rules" for abortion providers in Tennessee. The lawmakers want the governor to take action to ensure that the illegal sale of fetal tissue after abortions isn't taking place in the state. They want the emergency rules to provide a "chain of custody" until the disposal of the fetus; create a hotline for reporting any illegal activity at abortion clinics; and authorize the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate abortion facilities. Read more...

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January 03, 2014

70 New Anti-Abortion Laws OK'd in 22 States

Some 22 states enacted 70 new provisions to target abortion last year, the second most ever, prompting an outcry from Planned Parenthood, which accused "out-of-touch Tea Party politicians" with using "every underhanded trick in the book to get these laws passed." A new report from the Guttmacher Institute said that the 70 provisions were second in number to the nearly 90 approved in 2011. The group said that 205 abortion restrictions were approved over the past three years, more than the 189 enacted during the previous decade. Read more...

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December 24, 2013

Hiding Obamacare’s Abortion Coverage

During the first round of congressional hearings on the subject of the website, Rep. John Shimkus, Illinois Republican, asked Mrs. Sebelius to make sure that federal exchange plans that cover elective abortion are readily identifiable to consumers, so that people who do not wish to purchase plans that cover elective abortion would not unknowingly enroll in such plans. Mrs. Sebelius responded, “I know exactly the issue you’re talking about. I will check and make sure that is clearly identifiable.” She also promised to provide the committee a list of insurers in the federal exchange who do not offer abortion coverage. Nearly two months later, Mrs. Sebelius has still not provided any such information to the public. Read more...

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December 14, 2013

Michigan Puts Restrictions on Abortion Insurance

Michigan will join more conservative states in requiring residents who want health insurance coverage for abortions to buy an extra policy, after Republican legislators passed the law over the objections of Democrats who pleaded for them to take the issue to voters instead. The citizens' initiative approved 62-47 by the House and 27-11 in the Senate — almost entirely along party lines — will become law in March without the signature of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who vetoed similar legislation a year ago. The pro-life group Right to Life collected more than 300,000 signatures to put the legislation before lawmakers, who also had the option of letting it go to a statewide vote next November. Read more...

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January 15, 2013

States Deliver 43 Pro-Life Laws in 2012

As the United States approaches Roe v. Wade's 40th anniversary, pro-life advocates have gained ground in restricting the number of abortions taking place every year. In 2012, 43 pro-life provisions went into effect in 19 states, the second highest number after states enacted 92 pro-life laws in 2011. The numbers come from a report published by pro-abortion group Guttmacher Institute, which calculated the number of pro-life provisions rather than bills or laws, since bills often have multiple provisions. Read more...

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Wyoming Abortion Bills Focus on Heartbeats

A pair of bills before the Wyoming Legislature fixate on the heartbeat of the embryo or fetus before an abortion. House Bill 97 would prohibit abortions if an embryo or fetus heartbeat is detected. Senate File 88 would provide pregnant women the opportunity to listen to the fetus' heartbeat before an abortion, among other things. Abortion rights advocates oppose the bills. Read more...

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May 04, 2012

Kansas Senate Passes 'Conscience' Bill

A bill that would allow pharmacists to bow out of providing drugs they believe might cause an abortion cleared the state legislature. The Senate voted 23-16 to approve the bill, which is primarily intended to broaden legal protections for health-care providers who don't want to be involved in abortion procedures. Already passed by the House in March, the bill now awaits the signature of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, a staunch opponent of abortion. Read more...


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May 02, 2012

Georgia Gov. Signs 'Fetal Pain' Abortion Bill

Gov. Nathan Deal on Tuesday approved new restrictions on late-term abortions in Georgia, sealing a victory for conservative leaders who championed the issue at the Capitol this year. Deal's signature makes Georgia the latest state to generally ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, cutting by about six weeks the time women in Georgia may have an elective abortion. Read more...

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March 29, 2012

N.H. House Votes to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks

For the fifth time in two weeks, the House passed a bill intended to restrict abortions in New Hampshire, voting to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion providers would face felony charges punishable by up to 15 years in prison for violating the proposed law, although the mother would not be prosecuted. The House voted 190-109 to send the bill to the Senate. The fate of the bill and four others sent to the Senate is uncertain. Read more...

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Arizona Senate Rejects Birth Control Bill

The Arizona state Senate has rejected a controversial bill that would have allowed employers to refuse to offer birth control coverage if it conflicted with their moral or religious beliefs. The proposal had become entangled in a rancorous national debate over women’s healthcare and religious freedom. Under the bill, employers still would have been required to cover birth control used for purposes other than contraception, such as treating acne. Opponents said that would have required women who wanted birth control to tell their employers why, thereby violating their privacy. Read more...

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March 19, 2012

Kansas Abortion Debate Shifts to Doctor Training

A push by pro-lifers to ensure Kansas doesn't have even indirect involvement in terminating pregnancies has legislators focusing on the state medical school, whose officials worry lawmakers could endanger its accreditation. The University of Kansas Medical Center would be affected by two separate but similar pro-life measures. One is a provision in a proposed state budget facing a final vote in the House, and another is a bill endorsed by a House committee aimed at making sure the state doesn't subsidize abortions indirectly through tax credits or deductions. Read more...

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Arizona Bill Could Require Reason for Birth Control

Women in Arizona trying to get reimbursed for birth control drugs through their employer-provided health plan could be required to prove that they are taking it for a medical reason such as acne, rather than to prevent pregnancy. A bill nearing passage in the Republican-led Legislature allows all employers, not just religious institutions, to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage when doing so would violate their religious or moral beliefs. Read more...

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March 14, 2012

Mississippi House Gets Tough on Clinics

Mississippi's House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that would tighten regulations for abortion facilities in the conservative state. The bill, approved by a 80-37 margin in the Republican-controlled House, would require doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital and be board-certified or eligible in obstetrics and gynecology. Mississippi's Senate will now consider the proposed legislation. Read more...

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Wisconsin Okays Abortion, Abstinence Bills

The state Assembly passed bills limiting insurance coverage for abortions and mandate teaching abstinence in schools during a late-night session that went into early Wednesday morning as they pushed to finish their work for the year by the end of session Thursday. Democrats decried the abortion and sex education bills as part of a national war on women, but they didn't have the votes to stop them. Read more...

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Abortion Bill Gains Little Traction in Alaska

Sen. John Coghill introduced a bill a month ago to require women to get ultrasounds before abortions, but the bill hasn’t moved since and the North Pole Republican doesn’t expect it will before the end of the session. That’s because the Senate leadership, a mixture of Republicans and Democrats, has long shied away from controversial and divisive issues like abortion, Coghill said. That hasn’t stopped Coghill, a long-time pro-life advocate, from trying. Read more...

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March 10, 2012

Arizona Senate Approves Bill on 'Wrongful Births'

The Arizona Senate has approved a bill that would shield doctors and others from so-called "wrongful birth" lawsuits. Those are lawsuits that can arise if physicians don't inform pregnant women of prenatal problems that could lead to the decision to have an abortion. The Senate's 20-9 vote sends the bill to the state House. Read more...

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Vindictive Senatorette Introduces Viagra Bill

In response to a "Heartbeat Bill" making its way through the Ohio legislature, a female senator has introduce a vindictive counter bill aimed at males. State Sen. Nina Turner, a Cleveland Democrat, this week introduced Senate Bill 307, which is aimed at protecting men from the risks of PDE-5 inhibitors -- drugs like Viagra that are commonly used to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction -- in an effort to "guide men to make the right decision for their bodies." Read more...


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March 08, 2012

Virginia Governor Signs Ultrasound Bill

Abdominal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions in Virginia will become mandatory under a bill signed into law by the state's Republican governor, who had faced a national uproar when earlier versions of the measure had sought to make the exams medically invasive. The law conservative Gov. Bob McDonnell signed requires all Virginia abortion providers to comply starting July 1 or pay a $2,500 fine for each violation. Patients living within 100 miles of the clinic where the abortion is performed must wait 24 hours after the ultrasound examination before having an abortion. Victims of rape or incest who reported the attacks to police are exempt. Women must be offered the chance to view the ultrasound images, but can't be forced to see them. Read more...

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Utah Advances Abortion Bill With Little Debate

Creating the nation’s longest waiting period for abortions in Utah stirred almost no debate in the Utah Senate. Senators voted 22-6 to give preliminary approval to HB461. It is now one final vote away from going to the governor for signature. Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, the Senate sponsor of the bill, was the only speaker, and used most of that time to describe how the bill would lengthen the waiting period from 24 hours to 72. Read more...

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New Hampshire House Passes Opt-Out Bill

All New Hampshire employers, not just church organizations, would be able to deny insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization care on religious grounds under a bill that passed the House 196-150 yesterday. The bill was championed by House Speaker Bill O'Brien, and its drafter, Rep. Andrew Manuse, a Derry Republican, relied on help from a lobbyist for the state's Catholic Church. It heads next to the Senate. Read more...

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March 05, 2012

Georgia Bill Would 'Eliminate Pain'

Under a bill being considered in the Georgia Legislature, unborn children would be protected from the pain of abortion. The measure, which would ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, has passed in the Georgia state House and now will move to the Senate. Georgia Right to Life spokesperson Nancy Stith says the reason they have set the 20-week restriction is that "it's a medical fact that the baby feels pain at that point." Read more...

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New Hampshire Bill Cuts Abortion Funding

A House bill aimed at cutting off taxpayer funding to hospitals, clinics, doctors and others who perform elective abortions could put New Hampshire's $1.4 billion annual Medicaid program in jeopardy. The legislation is one of a series of House bills that would authorize limits on abortion and coverage for contraceptives in employer health plans, but its impact could be the most widespread. Read more...

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February 29, 2012

Virginia Approves Ultrasound Abortion Mandate

The Virginia Senate passed precedent-setting legislation that would force women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion. The 21-19 vote on an amended version of House Bill 462, sponsored by Del. Kathy J. Byron, R-Campbell marked a victory for pro-life advocates and the conservative wing of the Republican Party, which has been frustrated in recent days with the scuttling of bills aimed at restricting access, funding and length of time a woman may access abortion services. Read more...

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Wyoming House Wants Birth Control Mandate Overturned

A resolution calling on the federal government to overturn a recent Obama administration mandate requiring birth control coverage for employees of religious-affiliated hospitals, schools and other programs passed the Wyoming House of Representatives. The House voted 40 to 17 in favor of the resolution, which now goes to the state Senate. Seven other states and a handful of Catholic groups filed a federal lawsuit last week in Nebraska asking a judge to block the mandate. The states involved are Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. Read more...

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February 23, 2012

Virginia Ultrasound Bill Falters

A Republican effort to require women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion is in serious jeopardy after Gov. Bob McDonnell backtracked on the issue and the author of the Senate version of the bill asked that her legislation be stricken. McDonnell issued a statement prior to a House of Delegates debate on the issue, saying he would not support forcing women to undergo an ultrasound in which a probe is inserted into the vagina. That is the common method of performing an ultrasound for women in the early stages of pregnancy. Read more...

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Wisconsin Passes Same-Room Exam Bill

Women could not receive drugs that induce abortions unless a doctor gives them a physical exam and is in the same room when they receive the drugs, under a bill given final approval by the state Senate. The bill passed 17-15 with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against. Abortion opponents say the legislation would ensure that doctors aren't using Web cameras to consult with women about the drugs and women aren't being pressured into receiving abortions. Read more...

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Missouri Debates Birth Control Bill

A bill introduced in the Missouri State Senate aims to allow employers to deny health insurance coverage for birth control, abortions, and sterilization. It comes after the Obama administration’s proposal to require religious employers to provide free coverage of birth control even if it is contrary to their doctrine. The Missouri proposal will allow any employer to deny coverage of birth control treatments. Read more...

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Panel Advances S.D. 72-Hour Bill

South Dakota's year-old abortion law remains tied up in a court challenge, but a state Senate committee endorsed a bill that would change some of its counseling requirements for women seeking an abortion. The bill leaves intact the current law's requirements that women seeking abortions wait 72 hours and undergo counseling at pregnancy help centers that discourage abortions. But it changes provisions dealing with a woman's first consultation with a doctor at an abortion clinic and requires that counselors at the pregnancy help centers be licensed. Read more...

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February 21, 2012

N.H. Bill Would Adjust Parental Notification

The law that requires pregnant girls seeking abortions tell their parents or get a judge's OK is back before the New Hampshire House. The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on a bill to change the requirement that a judge issue a ruling within 48 hours to within two court business days. That would mean girls filing petitions late in a week would not hear back over a weekend, effectively lengthening their wait time. Read more...

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February 16, 2012

Personhood Bill Clears Oklahoma Senate

Oklahoma lawmakers edged closer toward trying to outlaw abortion by approving personhood legislation that gives individual rights to an embryo from the moment of conception. The Republican-controlled state Senate voted 34-8 to pass the Personhood Act which defines the word person under state law to include unborn children from the moment of conception. The measure now goes to the state House where pro-life Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than a 2-1 margin. Read more...

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Mississippi Lawmaker Introduces Personhood Bill

Senator Joey Fillingane filed a resolution that will change the state's constitution to add that life begins at conception and that public funds cannot be used to pay for an abortion unless the mother's life is in danger. The bill is similar to the "personhood amendment" which 58% of voters rejected in last year's general election. Governor Phil Bryant beleives the personhood language may have been too confusing for voters and believes the new resolution would be a lot clearer. Read more...

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Anti-Abortion Bills Filed in Georgia Senate

Health insurance plans would be banned from providing abortion coverage under two bills filed in the state Senate. Senate Bill 434 would block qualified health plans from providing abortion coverage as allowed by federal law, except when the life of the mother is endangered. Sen. Judson Hill, R-Marietta, sponsored the bill and proposed calling it the "Federal Abortion Mandate Opt-Out Act." The second bill, Senate Bill 438, would ban state employee health insurance plans from offering coverage for abortion services. Sen. Mike Crane, R-Newnan, is the bill's sponsor. Read more...

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February 15, 2012

Missouri Panel Backs Birth Control Measure

A debate in the Missouri Capitol over birth control grew Tuesday as a panel of lawmakers endorsed legislation that would allow any employer to refuse to provide health insurance coverage for contraception if doing so goes against the employer's religious beliefs. The legislation, which would allow employers to refuse to provide coverage for birth control, abortions or sterilization procedures, was approved by the Republican-controlled Senate Small Business, Insurance and Industry Committee on a 6-2 vote along party lines. Read more...

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Personhood Bill Advances in Virginia

Virginia lawmakers took a step toward outlawing abortion by approving "personhood" legislation that grants individual rights to an embryo from the moment of conception. The Republican-controlled House of Delegates voted 66-32 in favor of defining the word person under state law to include unborn children "from the moment of conception until birth at every stage of biological development." Read more...

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Washington Taxpayers to Fund Abortions?

The Washington state House approved a bill that would require that any insurance policy sold to state residents for maternity coverage also require policyholders to pay for coverage of abortions will get a vote soon. The House voted by a 52-46 vote to pass HB 2330 and send it on to the state Senate despite strong objection from pro-life advocates. Read more...

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February 11, 2012

Pro-Life Proposals Await Votes in Michigan

Rallied by the approval last fall of a state law banning so-called "partial birth" abortion, Michigan abortion opponents are pushing for more in 2012 — from a "Choose Life" fundraising license plate to a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Those proposals are among a number that could gain traction in a state Legislature where nearly two-thirds of the lawmakers have been endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan. Read more...

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Committee Hearing Heats Up on Kansas Abortion Bill

Temperatures rose during a committee hearing on a bill to add further restrictions on abortions. Kari Ann Rinker, state coordinator of the Kansas chapter of the National Organization for Women, called the bill a waste of taxpayers’ time and money. She told the House Federal and State Affairs Committee she knew she wouldn’t change anyone’s mind and the committee should just go ahead approve the bill. Read more...

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February 09, 2012

S.D. House Panel Approves Abortion-Law Changes

With South Dakota's year-old abortion law facing legal challenges, a House committee endorsed a bill that would change some of the counseling requirements for women seeking abortions. The bill leaves intact the current law's main requirements, but changes some provisions that deal with a woman's consultations with doctors at abortion clinics and counselors at pregnancy help centers. Those discussions are supposed to determine whether a woman has been coerced into seeking an abortion. Read more...

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February 08, 2012

Arizona Bill Would Impose New Abortion Restrictions

A sweeping anti-abortion bill would generally ban abortions starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy and impose an array of new disclosure requirements, including having the state post online depictions of fetuses at two-week intervals. The bill says the 20-week ban stems from concerns that fetuses at that stage can feel pain and that women have higher health risks from later abortions. The ban, which does not apply in medical emergencies, would affect only a small percentage of abortions performed in Arizona. Read more...

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Abortion Provision Added to Nebraska Bill

No money from expanded Medicaid coverage of family planning services could go to Planned Parenthood, under an amendment adopted Tuesday by Nebraska lawmakers. Senators attached the prohibition to Legislative Bill 540 on a vote of 25-8, then gave first-round approval to the bill. LB 540 directs state officials to seek a Medicaid waiver to provide family planning services for women who make up to 185 percent of the federal poverty level. Read more...

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February 07, 2012

Pennsylvania Panel OKs Ultrasound Bill

The Pennsylvania House Health Committee voted on Monday to advance the Women's Right to Know Act (House Bill 1077), which would offer a pregnant woman the chance to view an ultrasound image of her unborn child and observe the baby's heartbeat prior to an abortion. The bill passed with support from both Republicans and Democrats on the committee. "Before a woman makes a decision as grave as abortion, she should have the chance to see what's really going on in her pregnancy," said Maria Vitale Gallagher, legislative director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. Read more...


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February 06, 2012

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Abortion, Adoption Bills

Virginia would halt taxpayer-funded abortions for low-income women in cases where the fetus is severely physically deformed or mentally deficient under Republican-backed legislation passed Friday by state lawmakers. The House of Delegates voted 64-35 to strip the Board of Health of its ability to fund abortions for Medicaid recipients when a physician certifies that the fetus would be born with a "gross and totally incapacitating physical deformity or mental deficiency." Read more...

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February 02, 2012

Virginia Senate Okays Ultrasound Bill

Virginia women seeking an abortion may soon be required to undergo an ultrasound first. The Virginia Senate approved the requirement on a 21-18 vote mainly along party lines. It is the first abortion-related measure to pass the Senate since Republicans took effective control of the chamber following the fall elections; more are pending. The bill from Sen. Jill Vogel would make women seeking abortions get an ultrasound, give them a chance to view the image and require providers to keep a copy of it on file. Read more...

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Bill Would Repeal Obama Anti-Conscience Mandate

Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, has filed legislation in the Senate to repeal a new ObamaCare mandate that violates the religious liberties and conscience rights of faith-based institutions by forcing them to offer employees insurance coverage for contraceptives, birth control or drugs that can cause abortions. The Obama Administration issued a statement re-iterating the "contraceptive mandate" requiring all insurance providers cover the full range of FDA-approved drugs and devices would remain intact. Read more...

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February 01, 2012

New Arizona Proposal Would Set Up 'Roe' Challenge

Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, said that Arizona already has fairly substantial laws requiring that women give "informed consent" before terminating a pregnancy. That includes everything from a discussion of the risks and a 24-hour waiting period to offering to let the woman see an ultrasound of the fetus. Smith acknowledged his goal in imposing new requirements is to convince women to decide against an abortion. But the most significant part of SB 1494 is that it would alter Arizona law to define human life as beginning at conception. Read more...

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Austin Passes Another Unconstitutional Ordiance

Last week, the city of Austin repealed one speech-chilling ordinance targeting the city's crisis pregnancy centers – and replaced it with another. The new ordinance does not mandate specific wording, but compels crisis pregnancy centers to post signs on their grounds stating whether all their medical services are supervised by a licensed health care provider or practitioner and if it is a medical facility. Read more...

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January 27, 2012

Kentucky Panel Passes Pro-Life Bills

A state Senate committee has approved pro-life bills on abortion and ultrasound that would help reduce abortions in the state. They are expected to be approved in the Senate but the state House defeated similar bills last year. Senate Bill 102 would require women seeking abortions to get "face-to-face" counseling 24 hours in advance of the procedure. Current law allows such information to be provided by telephone. Senate Bill 103 would require physicians to perform an ultrasound before an abortion and attempt to show the image of the fetus to the pregnant woman although she could refuse to look at it. The bill would impose a fine of as much as $250,000 on a medical provider who violates the requirement. Read more...

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Ultrasound Bill Stirs Virginia Abortion Debate

A Senate committee that was overhauled after last year's elections endorsed legislation Thursday that would require pregnant women to undergo ultrasound imaging before having an abortion, a breakthrough for abortion opponents who have advocated for the requirement. On a party-line vote of 8-7, the Republican-controlled Senate Education and Health Committee advanced the legislation to the full Senate. A similar bill is pending in the House of Delegates. Read more...

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January 26, 2012

Pro-Death Advocates Decry Kansas Proposal

Abortion rights advocates say an anti-abortion proposal pending in the Kansas House would limit women's access to birth control. But a key supporter of the measure says those worries are exaggerated. Rep. Steve Brunk, a Bel Aire Republican, says it only ensures that medical professionals who oppose abortion can't be demoted or fired for refusing to participate in terminating pregnancies, including with medication. The "conscience protection" bill has been introduced and expands a law preventing medical personnel from being forced to participate in abortions. Read more...

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Florida Committee Okays 3 Pro-Life Bills

In an emotionally charged two-and-a-half-hour debate, Republican lawmakers signed off on a trio of abortion bills that backers say would stop the "killing" of children and opponents counter would drastically interfere with a woman's access to good health care. "We need to protect these unborn children from harm," said Rep. Mike Horner, R-Kissimmee, of the three bills that would make it more difficult for women to go through with an abortion. Read more...


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